Masonry Screen is an established company with years of Engineering experience and custom design for Backyard Structures and Outdoor products.

Our History

Masonry Screening System is the creations of Jerry Ponzo, Jerry being in the steel industry as a Structural Steel Contractor created this priority building method when he needed a privacy fence the first product was Ivy Screen a structural panel system to grow Ivy in a vertical position Ivy Screen is used for privacy fencing and equipment enclosures.

Priority Building Methods

The second product line was the Masonry Screen 3D Wire System, which when assembled resembles masonry structures. This priority building method is the premier choice for building custom shapes and structures that have been used in the National Winning Street of Dreams Shows, and Dream Showcase Home Tours.

Jerry's pre-fabricated structures are the third product line that owners, designers and contractors depend on to build 3D wire shapes where traditional materials fail, or are difficult and costly to use. Our pre-fabricated structures were designed to lower the costs of field assembly necessary to keep up with the demanding times of our changing economy.