Masonry Screen Overview

The process is simple. If you've ever worked with Stucco, Plaster or used a Trowel before then you won't have any trouble finishing a Masonry Screen structure.

We build the structure

We take the specs for the kit that you purchased, or we use your custom specs from a supplied CAD file or blueprints, and using our building methods we create your structure at our shop.

Ready to ship

When it's completed we securely package it up for delivery to your job site or backyard. We are capable of shipping anywhere in the US.

Installing The Structure

The first thing you need to do is fasten the structure to the concrete, a solid wood flooring or other base.

Start Applying The Plaster

By this point you better have a plan for the finish you want because it's time to slap on some mud. Stucco, plaster, arcustone or a handfull of other finishing options. Radius edges and corners help to enhance the structure and add a more high-end finished look.

The Finishing Touches

Protecting the structure from the elements is very important. The finish should be treated just like any other outdoor structure. Clear coat sealant, stain, granite countertops, or faux painting finished are just some of the many options available for finishing.

Have Questions?

We're sure you have some questions about the installation process, finishing or maybe you just need some blanks filled in. Check out our common questions here >